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Semi-permanent make-up FAQs

If you are considering semi-permanent make-up for the first time or thinking about a treatment you haven’t had before, it’s important to get all the facts first. In this post, I will explain each procedure, what’s involved, the results you can expect and the costs involved. If you have any other questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is semi-permanent make-up (SPMU)?

Permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, microblading, cosmetic tattooing and micro-pigmentation, are all names to describe the procedure of implanting pigment into the skin to add natural enhancement and definition to the face.

The technique involves the application of pigment through a vibrating needle into the lower layers of the skin (epidermis). The procedure takes only a few hours by a qualified technician.

Why do you need semi-permanent make-up?

SPMU helps you to look your best every day.

Imagine, waking up every morning with perfectly arched eyebrows, defined eyes and beautifully contoured lips without the effort of reaching for your makeup bag. Or picture yourself on holiday effortlessly looking your best.

Is SPMU safe?

SPMU is completely safe, however, a patch test is recommended prior to treatment. Healing advice is provided following treatment, to ensure the best results.
An initial one to one consultation will determine your individual specific treatment plan.

During the consultation, we will analyse your natural skin tone and discuss your expectations around the features you wish to correct, enhance or balance.
We insist on using only the highest grade of products and equipment during your appointment and use sterile ‘single only’ products to ensure your complete safety and peace of mind.

How long does SPMU last?

Permanent makeup can last for many years depending on a number of factors including your skin type, sun exposure, age and lifestyle.
As we work very superficially in the skin the pigment will fade over time. A colour refresh/ top-up is recommended every 12-18 months to boost the results.

What treatments are included in SPMU?

Popular procedures include eyebrows, lips and eyeliner and each area has its own unique style of application which comes in a variety of SPMU techniques here’s a breakdown to help simplify your choice and help you decide the right look for you.

Hair stroke eyebrows

This technique creates fine hair strokes. Every individual line is added throughout the eyebrow using a PMU device or a microblade tool this will resemble the look of a single natural eyebrow hair and will fill out the eyebrow leaving very natural results, this can be otherwise known as nano brows and can be created using a microblading or machine technique.
♥ Great if you want to fill sparse areas in the eyebrow

Powder Eyebrows

Using a very small single-needle configuration, an extremely light contour is created to give the brows a perfect shape then using tiny detailed pixilated dots and a popular technique we fill the desired shape until it reaches the density in colour. Powder brows can be soft to bold depending on your individual preference. We can adapt various things to create the perfect look.
♥ Great if you want to add definition and colour

Ombre Eyebrows

Ombre brows are in essence powder eyebrows with a soft graduated colour at the front which creates an ‘OMBRE’ look, just as you would with traditional makeup. It really is a beautiful finish to SPMU as it leaves no harsh lines or definite shapes to the front of the brow, we add pixels at a lower speed to really blend into the powder look.
♥ Great to start your first session and one of my personal favourites!

Combination Eyebrows

Combination eyebrows is a mix and match brow using two different techniques resulting in a bespoke eyebrow look. The most popular combination treatment is a mixture of hair stroke front section (bulb of the brow) to a pixilated powder eyebrow body or the brow arch and tail. You can have as much of both methods as you like.
♥ The combination technique is great for individuals with very little or no hair

Semi-permanent lip blush

Lip blush can enhance both the colour and shape of the lips. Using a small needle configuration a fine light contour is added to the border outer edge of the lips this usually gives the lips back their natural size. Often as we age our lip border gets ‘lost’ as it fades and this results in the illusion that our lips have shrunk in size. SPMU softly defines and fills your lips in just one session using pixel details to fill in the chosen shade leaving them with a wash of colour ‘blush’ result. it can correct symmetry but won’t actually change the size of your lips instead it will leave you feeling you have fuller bigger lips without the need for fillers!
♥ Lip blush is great for clients who want full lips without invasive treatment *2 sessions can increase the density of shade offering a lipstick fuller look.

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Eyeliner is a perfect way to frame your eyes without using harsh makeup.
We offer natural enhancement eyeliner which can be done in a few different thickness choices all of which will still offer only natural results. It can help give the illusion of thicker lashes, bigger eyes and really make your eye colour stand out.

The pigment is implanted through the lash line (not the inner wet area) eyeliner is created to suit your eye shape and can be done in a number of styles and techniques. some clients select to have both top eyeliners some choose to have bottom eyeliner and in some cases opt for both! We never create anything out of the natural shape of the eye (no flicks or extended liner) as this can result in pigment migration.
♥ Great for those who struggle to apply eyeliner or have sparse lashes

How much does SPMU cost?

Costs for SPMU vary but you can expect to pay between £150 – £250 for eyeliner, around £200 for lips and eyebrows between £200 – £300.
It is important to do your homework and check the credentials of your technician prior to booking, I would also recommend, checking out examples of their work.
What you can expect:
1)     Patch test
2)     Consultation
3)     Initial procedure
4)     Follow up treatment
Visit our image gallery for the finished result!

Written by Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson is a CPD accredited SPMU trainer and has been practising SPMU for almost a decade.
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